Saturday, 17 January 2009

I'm still here

Sorry for not being a good blogger lately but before christmas the whole family took it in turns getting this horrible flu bug. (it was a really nasty little bug). Anyway then we went on our jolly holidays. oh what fun we had. walking along the beach in the lovely sunshine on christmas day, Then on new years eve we went to a free concert on the beach where we saw UB40 it was fantastic. 20,000 people and we were right at the front

I thought i would show you some of my holiday snaps.This is what it was like on our first day. We had left a cold and wet England to land in a warm and sunny PortugalChristmas morning sipping champagne cocktails as they were free karl got a little carried away and had about 8 (you wouldnt beleive he doesn't drink)Now it must have been warm for me to take my cardie off.Every christmas day we have chips and egg its a tradition we even took to PortugalThis is the stage on the beach ready for the new years eve cellebrations. (look right next to the sea)UB40The concert was fantastic.

When we were waiting for our flight home they said it was -10 at Gatwick. when we got there it had gone up to 0. The following day we got up for work. when we opened the curtains this is what greeted us (now someone is taking the mickie)

I hope i didn't bore you to much with my holiday snaps.

I will try and post some crafty things tomorrow.


Sammi said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps with us Tracey.. it looks and sounds like you had a nice time!!
Glad you are back!!! Missed you!

Maggie said...

merry christmas! thanks for stopping by!