Friday, 29 August 2008

Busy bee

Well i have tidied the draws in the living room looking for a form from karlas school. I couldn't remember if i had to pay her school fees or if they owed me. as she is going to The Royal Ballet Upper school in covent garden. and she has to board in Barrons Court which is 9 stops away on the Tube. Anyway i found the letter and they owe me, so that will pay for her food.
Anyway in between looking for this letter i have been crafty again today.

Firstly i have made a card for Sammi This is for a chance to win her blog candy. It looks blue in the picture but it is Purple.

I quite liked this stamp so tried it in a couple of different colour schemes. The flower is hand made using a scalloped circle punch.


Another christmas card. I had made this up on my crafty day but couldn't find the right ribbon at the time well you would be supprised what i found whilst cleaning draws today.

On wednesday when i was having fun with Halloween Dottie i printed this image off but it was far to small. It was destined for the bin, well for some reason it was left on the side and here you are a piece of jewelry.

And finally
This card was made for me by my mum. Thank you it is a fab card. (obviously you can use othe chocolate bars when making this)


Sammi said...

Hi Tracey... you sure have been a busy bee... very inspiring!! I LOVE all your cards... thanks for making a card for my challenge (I'll add it to my slideshow - hope that's OK)! What a cute stamp.. where did you get her from?
I Love the Christmas card! glad you found some good ribbon for it - it suits well!
And what a great card from your mum... and even better to have chocolate on it.. I really love that Dottie image!! :)
Great work!!!

how exciting for Karla - when does she start there?

Trace Dee said...

Karla has been at the royal ballet lower school since she was 11, she is now 16 and is going on to further education and was lucky enough to be accepted into the upper school. she goes to school a week on sunday. I will miss her as she has had 8 weeks off school.

Sammi said...

Oh that's excellent :) Hope she enjoys the upper school & boarding. It will be hard for you having her away boarding! It will make holiday time something really special!!

Louly said...

I just knew you daughter would be a star the first time I saw her picture, if her dancing matches her beauty she'll go far.
I love all three of your creations (well, yours and your mums) what a great idea to make that necklace!
I have to ask, does your mum read Crafts Beautiful? I'd love to think that my chocolate card feature had inspired someone to have a go, it's just fab!

Karen said...

Cor, they are all absolutely wonderful!!!