Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I've had a hectic few days but i have had a little play with my blog and i now have music and i am able to see what time it is as i've added a clock. i'm so proud of myself.

I still need to work out how to add links i'm such a techno fobe. well i will be back soon i hope


Sammi said...

Hello Tracey!! It gets easier too - when you get more used to it :) Hope my email was helpful!
This link may be helpful in making links too?!


kld-twinkletoes said...

hey mum! dad and i are here at nan and grandads house and nan has just shown us your blog! i never even knew you had a blog but we thought we would suprise you and leave a little message! we dont really have a lot to say but anyways its the thought that counts! just to let you know that you might want to check the spelling of portugal but other than that you are ok! we are going to speak to you in a bit so love you lots. k n k x x x btw nan says well done x