Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I had lots of fun doing this zentangle (sounds posh doesnt it, just another word for doodling) i got the idea after visiting Milliande's youtube videos i have had a lot of insperation over the past few week thanks to Sue Roddis and Sarah Anderson who have both ran wonderfull art journaling workshops at The Cubby Hole in Crewe.
I had always wanted to do something for me.. That i didnt have to make for someone else or give it away and then wonder if the other person liked it or even just appreciated how much work went into producing it.
I just wanted something that i could produce using all the art stuff i had bought and only used a couple of times, and also be able to use all the wonderfull stamps that are just lying around waiting to be used.
I dont want to pour my heart out for everyone to see, these two wonderfull ladies gave me the kick start that i needed and i cant thank you enough.... x x x

Anyway here is the Zentangle that i did hope you like it............


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love this Tracy, the end result is fantastic, well done you. Tracy Evans x

add draws said...

i really like your works. keep do it

Anonymous said...

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