Sunday, 7 September 2008


Hi to you all. I havent been crafting for a couple of days, My darling daughter has gone back to school today. We had to take her to her boarding house in barrons court, London. She has just finished 5 years at the royal ballet lower school, and is now starting a new adventure at the upper school in covent garden. She is sharing a room with a girl called Greta who is from Norway. At the lower school they had lots of rules and regulations and as they were in richmond park they wern't allowed out of school until the weekend. Now she is in upper school they have some rules and regulations but they are allowed out until 10pm. They have to cook for themselves and they have a 20min. journey by tube to school. anyway thats enough of my angsiety i'm sure she will be fine.
i'm off for an early night as i have to go to work with hubby tomorrow and we have to be up at 4.30am.


Debbie said...

Hi Trace, I'm sure your daughter will be fine. I know when my daughter left for uni I felt just the same. Also, I wanted to say thank you for the lovely message that you lefy on my blog...your are so kind. I am feeling a little etter now :) Debbie x

hokeycokey said...

good luck to Karla - she'll have a great time at upper school, become an international dancing success, and earn loads of money to look after you in your old age lol!... At least you've got your job back now!

Lea said...

I'm sure Karla will be fine but I can understand your fretfulness xxx

The hardest part is starting to let them go.