Saturday, 20 September 2008

I am so proud of karla she has surrvived 2 weeks fending for herself in the big city. She has now mastered the tube, and yes she did get to Harrods for the friends who were with me when i got a frantic call from her saying she couldn't get a certain type of weights that she needed for monday's ballet class. (I was fretting as there wasn't anything that i could do anyway a friend of hers had got some from Harrods so karla being karla decided to go and get some. she went ALL BY HERSELF ON THE TUBE, very brave i thought). Anyway today she has been to school this morning (but it's saturday i hear you all shout) yes karla has to do half a day of school on saturdays. She then went for a mooch around Covent Garden with one of her school friends they then went back to the boarding house. where they got showered and changed and then went shopping in oxford street. WHAT IT IS TO BE YOUNG. she is going food shopping in a bit, then do her weekly washing before sitting infront of the tv with a large bowl of pop corn.

I DO MISS HER.........


Lea said...

Big hug from me!

I love Covent Garden, I usually meet friends there too.

Sounds like she's doing you proud! xxx

hokeycokey said...

i know you and karla are missing each other more than you can always come round for a hug and doughnut whenever you feel the need! that's what friends are for...keep your chin up!

Louly said...

Awwww bless her! I almost miss her myself and she isn't even mine! It must be so hard for you Tracey but at the same time you must feel sooo proud.

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! Good on her!! :)
It must be really you get to visit?