Monday, 22 September 2008

Thank you to everyone over on Dotties world for all the lovely comment on my card.
I was very busy yesterday as i went to the Great Northern papercraft extraviganser. for the first time this year they ran a breakfast workshop. I chose Blonde moments as i love Dyans classes. we did a tag class using blonde moments pigment powders. It was run by Dyan Reaverly and her lovely assistant Kirsty Wiseman. (pictured bellow)
Here is my tag book using everything Blonde moments can be purchased from Art from the heart.

The class was well worth the money, you got a drink and a muffin, the kit to complete the project and we also received a goody bag of blonde moments stash.


Dawny P said...

Hi sweet, I can send you the paper link no probs, but can you send me your e-mail addy please darl so I can attach the link, cos it isnt on your profile. Hugs xxxxx

Louly said...

It looks like you had aa fab day Trace, and judging by the results, well worth the money!